Balto Statue

A Monument to a Dog
(1919 - 1933)

In January 1925, the city of Nome, Alaska experienced an outbreak of diphtheria. Nome was icebound seven moths out of the year. Planes were not safe in the frigid and windy weather. In minus 60 degrees, over 20 men and at least 150 dogs, among them the famous Balto and Gunnar Kaasen, set out to relay the antitoxin across 674 miles of Alaskan wilderness to save the town.

Balto Statue at Central Park
Balto Sled-dog by credt- #officialnycpedicabs

Sculpted by Frederick Roth, Balto was unveiled on an outcropping in the Park on December 17, 1925. Balto, NYC Officials, and Kaasen were present for the monument's unveiling, making this statue the only sculpture in the Park with the honoree present at the time of the unveiling.

Balto the Siberian Husky

Unveil - December 17, 1925 -credit-ref:

Balto the Film (1995)

Balto is an animated film release in 1995, recreates the heroic journey of sled dogs and life-saving delivering of medicine in the most challenging blizzard conditions in Alaska.

Balto (1995) ref-credit: Universal Picture

East Side at 67th

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