The Pedicab Friends Fountain

The Pedicab Friends Fountain

Cherry Hill Fountain

The Pedicab "Friends" Fountain

Cherry Hill Fountain - Central Park Tours
Cherry Fountain
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Cherry Hill Fountain by #Officialnycpedicabs

Cherry Fountain is Located in the center of Cherry Hill concourse is the work and designed by Architect Jacob Wrey Mould as an original drinking fountain for horses. Built and place at Central Park in the early 1860's.

Cherry Hill ⛲️ Fountain at Central Park, is the 'Pedicab Friends' Fountain, if you are here, its tradition for everyone to Jump! to lift ourselves Up and celebrate Friendship.
Keep in mind the original "Friends" Fountain as the the 20 most watched TV sitcoms of all time "FRIENDS" is located at Warner Bros Studio, Burbank, CA.

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Central Park Pedicab Tours at Cherry ⛲️ Fountain aka. The Pedicab ‘Friends’ Fountain.

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