Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields in Central Park

John Lenno's Memorial
Strawberry Fields and The IMAGINE mosaic

Strawberry Fields is a landscaped garden of the shape of Tear drop, it’s an artistic work of Bruce Kelly in collaboration with Yoko Ono, to keep the legacy of John Lennon’s - Strawberry Fields Aka. 'The Garden of Peace and Friendship.' The Garden accomplishes the dream of John Lennon’s vision about a futuristic and fictional place of getting all people together with not differences in race, religion, believes and dogma. Strawberry Fields is Nutopia (New + Utopia) everybody is welcome, Is a place of reflection, and where Peace and Love prevails.

Concert Field at Central Park
Strawberry Fields

The Garden is 2.5 acres, was inaugurated 5 years after the tragic murder on December 08, 1980, is name “strawberry fields” after the popular 1967 Beatles song “strawberry field Forever.” It’s a pilgrimage place for the Beatles fans, and visitor of all ages to pay respect to John Lennon by surrounding the IMAGINE mosaic (*) and placing flowers, photos, coins, and candles.

Imagine Mosaic

(*) IMAGINE Mosaic
It's in reference to the 1971 hit Beatles song "Imagine," an idealistic song about a better world, a world of Peace & Love.

West Side between 71st and 74th St.

How to Get There:
One of the best ways to experience Strawberry Fields, IMAGINE Mosaic, John Lennon’s home and Memorial is choosing a Pedicab Tours. This is a must-see attraction for any Beatles or John Lennon’s fan.

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Strawberry Fields

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