Minton Tiles at Bethesda Arcade

The Minton Tiles at Bethesda Arcade, Central Park


The Minton Tiles at The Bethesda Arcade, Central Park

The Bethesda Arcade has the only ceiling in the world featuring Minton tiles. A total of forty-nine panels, encaustic tiles studded with 7500 Victorian tiles from the Minton Potteries of Stoke-on-Trent, England. This unique underpass design of a like a tunnel gallery, makes the acoustic more than special for string instruments and singing, opera singing may have the more exuberant sounding, we are all free to try once here.
Bethesda Arcade Ceiling
Bethesda Arcade Ceiling

Minton Tiles Ceiling, Bethesda Arcade
The Minton Tiles Ceiling. Photo NYc Rickshaw Tours
Bethesda Tunnel Gallery
The majestic colors from the Mintons above behind the clouds and the frescos panels-painting on the walls, makes a perfect place for both wedding and photos shoots.

This is definitely a wonderful spot of architecture, design, and art-craft, feels like you are somewhere in Florence or Rome historical landmarks. Best inside-out scenic view of a welcoming Angel of the waters emerging atop of the Bethesda Fountain.

Attractions near The Arcade:
The Bethesda Fountain, The Lake, The Mall The Boat Lob House, Bethesda Terrace, The Bandshell

Favorite Movies and Stories On Location:
Stuart Little 2, Angels of America, Gossip Girl’s TV Series,
John Wick, Step Mom, Florence Foster Jenkins Story

Location: Mid-Park at 72th Street

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