Central Park's Secret Stream

Central Park's Secret Stream, The Pool

Central Park's Secret Stream

Montanye’s Rivulet - Central Park's only natural watercourses

During the development of Central Park the entire area was hilly, rocky and swampy, and most of the body waters are fed by City drinking waters, except the pool, a small body of water near the Great Hill.

Montayne's Rivulet Channel by CentralParkPedicabs
Montanye's Rivulet stream feeds the Pool and it is the only natural spring water. The stream was enlarged to the Loch, and Harlem Meer.

The Pool

The Pool is a little-known area tucked away in the upper park area, near the North woods the wildish part of the park.

The Pool, Central Park Tours

This small lake is very picturesque and is the only remaining area of Weeping Willows trees, and it has a colorful Autumn foilage
The Pool by Central Park Pedicabs

Montanye’s Rivulet water stream [the area north of 112th Street and CPW, approx.] ran a considerable creek, twenty feet deep and one hundred feet wide where it emptied into Hell Gate Bay, near the foot of East 106 St.

Montayne’s Rivulet. “Secrets of New York” Kelly Choi with Doug Blonsky former president of the Central Park Conservancy

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